1. After completing the form and providing the necessary data, You will receive a confirmation from: office@torunsport.pl
  2. We have prepared for You 8-passenger, 20-passenger, 30-passenger and 50-passenger buses, most of which have toilets.
  3. After confirming the arrival/departure times, we enter You on the list and assign You to a specific about bus. In some cases, there may be situations that you will have to wait a little for the bus.
  4. After landing at the airport, our employee will be waiting for You. Employee will have a large board with the EMACI 2024 logo and a sweatshirt with the EMACI 2024 logo.
  5. Airports in Poland are small, they have one arrivals hall, so finding one will not be a problem. Please look for a person with a EMACI 2024 board.
  6. Please provide Your flight number – thanks to this we will approach the appropriate exit in the arrivals hall.
  7. Our employee will welcome you in Poland, check the compliance of Your data on the list, present the travel schedule and indicate the bus that is waiting for You.
  8. Payment for the bus ticket to Toruń takes place at the airport with our employee. Possible forms of payment are cash payment in Euro or US Dollar.
  9. In the Questions and Informations the latest information updates will be posted.
  10. Details, confirmations and payments for the return bus ticket will take place at our stand in the sports hall at ul. Bema in Toruń.
  11. Due to the considerable interest in transports, depending on the day, we will carry out from a few to a dozen or so bus trips on one day.
  12. The bus in Toruń ends its journey at the hotels where you are registered.
  13. There is no possibility of entering the buses in the Old Town of Toruń, therefore clients registered in hotels in the Old Town are dropped off as close to the hotel as possible at points where the bus can safely stop.
  14. In a situation where your flight is delayed, either the bus is waiting for you or you will have to wait for the next bus that leaves the airport.